Eco Vodka

The Most Versatile Vodka in the World!

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Case of CRE8 Eco Vodka

12 x 333 ml     90% alc/vol

$199.95 + tx


What is Eco Vodka?

In short, vodka without the water!

CRE8 is a new brand of vodka that is turning the alcohol industry on its head with its first of a kind "blend your own liquor" product called Eco Vodka. Like the name implies, Eco Vodka is both economical on your wallet and on carbon emissions since shipping our vodka without the water saves freight costs and fuel consumption.

Eco Vodka comes in a light weight and durable 1 liter PET bottle and is filled with 333 ml of 90% pure Saskatchewan made wheat vodka. The label has a built in scale to show you what strength the alcohol will be at depending on how much water you put in. At the 750 ml line the alcohol content would be reduced to 40%. 

At 90%, Eco Vodka is great at extracting flavors from whatever you add to it. Try adding in some of your favorite fruit to infuse your own one of a kind flavored vodka or some fresh coffee beans and a cup of sugar to make your own coffee liqueur.


Want to transform your Eco Vodka into something else entirely? Just toss in a bottle of one of our CRE8 Essences, like Rye Whisky, Spiced Rum or Dry Gin and you won't believe it started out as vodka. The possibilities are endless!


How Does it Work?


Just add in your infusion ingredients if desired then fill the bottle to the desired strength with water using the scale on the label, give it a shake and enjoy!

You can infuse whatever raw ingredients you like, such as fruit or herbs, add in one of our CRE8 liquor essences or try blending with different juices instead of water.

There's no right or wrong way to make your own custom cre8tions!

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